• The housing ensemble with an unobstructable view is situated on the right of the Rhine in Düsseltal where flats are sought after, directly on the edge of Zoopark one of the best and most beautiful green areas in Düsseldorf. The rustling of mature trees has reigned this place for about 150 years already. Modern age complements classical age to form along with the idyllic country life a harmonic whole.

    Two single buildings of five storeys are situated around a spacious patio and offer 88 living units of 60 to 240 sqm, each with a loggia. 108 car parking spaces in the thick of a big city allow stress-free parking. 100 bicycle parking spaces support the trend towards bicycling. The housing ensemble is oriented along the southeast-northwest axis to catch natural light all day long. The building has been designed and engineered in a resource-saving and efficient manner as required by the Green Building principles.