SILIZIUM Düsseldorf

Huawei European Headquarter

We have realised the Silizium office complex on Hansaallee, the main axis of Düsseldorf’s districts on the right bank of the Rhine. The ensemble of three independent buildings is clearly visible on the corner of Schiessstraße. Its façade impresses with filigree, elegant lines and edges that are partially rounded towards the urban space. The characteristic materials of the high-quality perforated façade are white stone and, above all, a lot of glass, which provides lightness and light as floor-level windows.

Designed by HPP Architects from Düsseldorf, the building also sets quality standards on the inside – from the furnishings with an interior characterised by design products to the building services for contemporary energy efficiency. It is planned in a resource-saving way according to green building principles and is certified by the German Sustainable Building Council DGNB.

Around 220 parking spaces in the underground car park round off the offer. Thus, the building, named after the core raw material for the digital world, which is silicon named Silizium in German, forms the best basis for the work of tomorrow. Even before completion, the Huawei Group had recognised these qualities and rented the Silizium in its entirety.


Anin · Jeromin · Fitilidis & Partner / BM+P Architekten (Ausführung), HPP Architekten (Entwurf)
6.970 m2
Gross floor area
14.500 m2
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