CAMPUS M Cologne

Attractive connection of quarters

Urban connectivity is planned: A modern office campus is to be built on an approx. 1.4 ha site between the Cologne districts of Ehrenfeld and Lindenthal, connecting the adjacent quarters and creating an attractive, identity-forming location through its urban design figure. Along the Melatengürtel and Oskar-Jäger-Strasse,the planned building development ties in with the existing buildings, but at the same time creates an opening to the rear part of the site with passageways and connects it with the adjacent streets and uses.

Two high-rises with 13 and 15 office storeys are to be built in the inner area, forming an ensemble with the surrounding existing high-rises. Around this, almost 8,000 m² of open space will be created, which will be accessible to the public. The utilisation concept envisages an office campus, with the ground floor zones in particular enlivening the campus with a mix of shops, restaurants and cultural uses. The construction of a day-care centre for children is also being considered, to complement existing facilities in Ehrenfeld and Lindenthal.

For the implementation, a sustainable and climateresilient construction method and design of the outdoor areas is aimed for, with building structures that are as robust as they are flexible and therefore very durable. At present, the site is still covered with the existing halls of a former car dealership and has been upgraded already in the planning phase with an interim cultural use.

caspar.schmitzmorkramer, Cologne
14,327 m2
Gross floor area
up to approx. 46,000 m2
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