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Modular office building

The four-storey office building is the second commercial building on Düsseldorfer Straße to be constructed as part of the property development for the new urban quarter in Neuss’s Barbaraviertel. Together with the B&B Hotel, which was completed in 2019, the office building defines the urban block edge.

Das Projekt ist eine Besonderheit im Portfolio der bema Gruppe, denn es entsteht erstmalig in Modulbauweise.

The latter is a special feature in the bema portfolio, as it is being built in modular construction for the first time. As a total contractor, ALHO is realising the project including the architectural and building services planning. All components are pre-produced within four weeks, then delivered on a low-loader and assembled on site in two to three weeks. The result is a white building with a gross floor area of around 2,400 square metres, offering commercial space on the ground floor and offices on the upper floors. With a green roof and local heating connection, it meets contemporary standards – and represents a valuable expansion of bema’s expertise.

ALHO Systembau, Friesenhagen (als Totalunternehmer)
1.895 m2
Gross floor area
2.460 m2
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