• bema® group

    Develops Projects of Presence

    The bema® group plans and designs modern and profitable residential and office buildings in top locations, which meet high architectural standards. These are buildings, which meet on the formal level the human requirements while leaving room for an aesthetic building culture. Buildings, which satisfy on the emotional level the ardent desire for quality of life. At home and at work. But also when strolling around or passing by. For the bema projects with their masterly urbanistic integration also show appreciation to the citizens moving around in the neighbouring public space. Another business segment is the development of sites. We develop fallow sites to become building ground and sell developed properties or implement building projects.

  • bema® Loves/Lives Independence

    Among the private agencies for project development, bema is one of the largest in North Rhine-Westphalia/Germany involved in housing construction. Such a healthy increase in business has fostered independence. Therefore, today more than 40 years after the company was founded and in times of fast deals, bema can afford its solid groundedness. Without greed, bema develops vital and sustainable projects of high quality, which actually provide for quality of life. At home and at work.

  • bema® for More than 40 Years

    More than 40 years ago, Bernd Matthäs founded the company bema named after himself. His deep sense of responsibility implies the high quality demands, on which the company’s projects have been based to date – as a matter of course taking the changes of society, technology, culture, and architecture into account in a dynamic and future-oriented manner.

  • Today and for almost 10 years already, bema® group in Düsseldorf has been directed by Marno Matthäs – a lateral thinker as his father was – and has dealt especially with questions of sociocultural changes through architecture and vice versa. “The design of buildings allows us to develop scenarios how to make our life more comfortable, more open, and healthier from various perspectives,” this is the credo of bema.