Revitalisation of a central office location

On the corner of Yorckstraße and Münsterstraße in Düsseldorf-Derendorf, directly opposite the striking new campus of the Düsseldorf University of Applied Sciences (HSD), lies an extensive building complex. Behind the solid natural stone façade, the banking house HSBC Trinkaus had its headquarters for a long time. The largely vacant building from 1992 was getting on in years, both aesthetically and in terms of energy. The bema group acquired it in 2019 together with a joint venture partner. The bema group was responsible for the acquisition, the identification of the potentials and the lead in the conception of the further development of quality features for the constructional implementation.


Leadingly and in cooperation with STEAM Architekten, the bema group has worked out the potential of a careful sanitation of the building fabric and its aesthetic enhancement in a joint venture. One focus was the redesign of the outdoor facilities and activation of the roof terraces, which – with a view to hybrid working environments – represent a particularly unique feature of the campus-like building. New entrances and contemporary equipment for new office structures complete the picture. A total of nine development cores make the building uniquely flexible for a variety of future uses. The result of the planning is a high-quality commercial property with an excellent location – both to the city centre and to the autobahns in the north.

In the meantime, the VHS Volkshochschule Düsseldorf has been secured as a long-term major tenant for the property, thus adding another building block to and strengthening the education campus in Düsseldorf-Derendorf. The concept of responsible project development and the strategy of quality-focused and cautious sanitation are thus paying off.




STEAM Architekten (construction/renovation)
13.560 m2
Gross floor area
30.000 m2
2022 (AGB Real Estate Group)
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