Owner-managed and identity-forming.

As an owner-managed project development company based in Düsseldorf, the bema Group is already in its third generation of developing forward-looking residential and office properties as well as sustainable urban districts with a long lifespan. A responsible and mindful approach to finite resources, evolved structures and valuable partnerships, as well as a strong identity of its own, are the hallmarks of the company – now in its third generation.

Urban quality architecture.

Innovative future topics such as a choice in digitalisation, the preoccupation with alternative, natural building materials such as wood or recyclable modular building systems are constantly included in the planning within the circular economy. Thus, in recent years, architecturally high-quality residential, office and mixed-use neighbourhood projects have been continuously developed in the Rhineland.

Value and attitude.

Healthy, steady growth within the selected asset classes, the further development of the vision of values and the implementation of these in consciously selected projects and processes characterise the bema Group. An attitude that runs through all corporate levels of sustainable project development. The bema group currently plans and develops more than 500,000 square metres of gross floor area under its own responsibility.

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